About the Projects

Built for each and
every Wrist.

We believe that a wristwatch is an extension of one’s personality—an emotional form of expression as well as a pragmatic one. Bespoke Watch Projects assembles each watch according to the specifications of its new owner, capturing these unique qualities and needs.

Offered in extremely limited editions, each series allows for a range of custom options—thus becoming a true individualized timepiece for the owner and his or her unique preferences.

We release a range of unique editions on an ongoing basis, collaborating with like-minded brands and individuals to bring a mix of designs, themes, and configurations to the table. We’re currently in the lab brainstorming with Megadeluxe, the online magazine for Automotive & Speed Culture. How will you gear up your wrist?


Bespoke Watch Projects began in 2013 as the brainchild of John Beck McConnico, a Horologist, Brand Builder, Designer, and Visual Artist. He has created products, creative strategies, identity systems, and interfaces for companies such as Apple, Sony, and NBC.

A strong believer in the power of collaboration and cross-pollination of creative ideas, he built Bespoke Watch Projects to offer equal parts Design, Product, and Service—with the customer being the paramount collaborator. Essentially each “Watch Project” is their own creation.

To date, custom timepieces from Bespoke Watch Projects are worn by collectors, entrepreneurs, artists, photographers—and at least one world record-holding automotive racer. Who can beat that?




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